The Legacies project is extreamly grateful for all of the volunteers that have helped gather data in the field and the lab. Despite the ocasional sprained ankles, agave stabbings, and getting stuck in the mud we have greatly increased our knowledge of the archaeology and ecology of the Perry Mesa region.

We hope we didn't forget anyone. Please let us know if you have helped with the project and were inadvertantly left off this list. We couldn't have done it without you.




ASU Students: Joe Canarie, Genevieve Metson, Michelle Schmoker, Erica Warkus, Ricardo Duran, Jake Lulewicz, Ian Wilder, Anne Beyens, Brenna Spencer, Theresa Araque, Ashley Pajor, Ashley Bleicher, Aaron Deguzman, Ben Snow, and Tom Black.




ASU Students: Kallista Bernal, Jerry Corum, Julie Novic,
Stephanie Kulow, Matt Peeples, Sidney Rempel, Karen Schollmeyer, Rhian Stotts, Andrea Torvinen, V. Kelly Turner, and JoAnn Wallace




ASU Students: Katie Alexander, Beatrice Crona, Jessica Giron, Michael Hoogendyk, Melissa McHale, Stacey McGee, Will Russell, Cara Steiner, Erica Schwartzmann, Todd Passick, Jason Vega, and Joann Wallace, Jason Walker, and Chris Watkins

Arizona Archaeological Society Members: Nichole Brown, Bob Cook, Deborah Danowski, Linda Dorsey, Tom Garrison, Larry Gauther,
Sandy Gauther, Paul Goltz, Sandy Haddock, Henry Kohlenberg, Janet Moore, Judy Rounds, Pam Kalish, Mary Lawrence, Bill Nightwing, and Shelley Rasmussen



ASU Students: Joanna Iacovelli, Katie Johnson, Shana Leslie, Sarah Mapes, Todd Passick, Matt Peeples, Angela Ruggles, Jason Sperinck, Nawa Sugiyama, Kristin Uurtamo, Sarah Ventre, Caitlin Wichlacz



ASU Students: Karen Gust Schollmeyer, Lisa Baldwin, Kari Horn, Chien Lai, Nawa Sugiyama, Caitlin Wichlacz