Former Students


Hoski Schaafsma, MS in Biology, ASU

Karen Schollmeyer, PhD in Anthropology, ASU

Kari Morehouse, MS in Biology, ASU


Caitlin, Hoski, and Kari in the field.



Joe Canarie, ASU

Stacey McGee, BS in Biology, ASU

Jessica Giron, BS in Biology, ASU

JoAnn Wallace, BA in Anthropology, ASU

Will Russell, BA in Anthropology, ASU

Cara Stinner-Kiggins, BA in Anthropology, ASU

Katie Johnson, BA in Anthropology, ASU

Sarah Mapes, BA in Anthropology ASU

Caitlin Wichlacz, BA in Anthropology, ASU



The lists above only include those students that completed undergraduate senior theses projects, masters projects, or were employed by the Legacies project. Dozens of other students helped with the Legacies project and are recognized here.





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