The Legacies project has a strong educational component, involving both graduate and undergraduate students in interdisciplinary research in the field and laboratory. Courses taught in 2004, 2005, and 2007 have provided hands-on training in archaeological and ecological research and fieldwork that have resulted in several graduate and undergraduate theses and professional papers.

Current Students







Melissa Kruse-Peeples

PhD Candidate in Anthropology

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Melissa has been involved in the Legacies project since 2003. For her dissertation research, she is investigating soil nutrient dynamics of runoff agricultural strategies practiced in the region using and interdisciplinary approach that combines archaeology and ecology. Melissa is determining soil nutrient replenishment rates and water retention to determine under what rainfall and landform conditions runoff agricultural fields recieve adaquate water and nutrients to sustain long-term productivity and soil fertility. She is interested in what strategies were successful at mitigating the risks and vulnerabilities of farming in arid, marginal environments of the prehistoric Southwest.



Dana Nakase

PhD Student in Biology

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Colleen Strawhacker

PhD Candidate in Anthropology

Colleen is a Ph.D. student in Anthropology in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. She has participated in the Legacies on the Landscape project since 2007 and completed her Master's thesis, in which she analyzed the small room blocks on Perry Mesa, with the Legacies project. She is currently studying prehistoric and historic irrigated land use on the middle Gila River for her dissertation, but continues to assist with field and laboratory work for the Legacies project.



Jolene Trujillo

MS in Biology, 2011

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Undergraduate Students:

No current undergraduate students.



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